Does your child like Baby Tricycle?

If you have a toddler or young child, a Tricycle is one of the best to ways you can invest in to encourage physical activity.
Too many children in our society are learning inactivity by watching television and playing on smart devices.
Toddlers want to be on the move, all the time. When they`re ready for their own set of wheels, a tricycle is a fun way to teach them the rules of the road.
While many biking industry experts say a balance bike is the best introduction to riding-even as young as 18 months-a trike fosters independence, coordination, and gross motor skills.
Tricycle or Balance Bicycle?
A balance Bicycle is a small two-wheeler without Bike Pedal. It teaches little ones how to balance, scoot, ride, and coast all on their own. Once these skills are mastered, a child can move right to a regular bike and skip the training wheel phase. Balance Bikes ride smoother and faster, while tricycles tend to be a little clunkier and slower.


Toddlers love balance bikes, but they also can`t wait to hop on a classic trike. It`s a childhood staple. Our favorite tricycles grow with your child, often starting out as a [push bike” with a handlebar that grown-ups steer before a toddler transitions to pedaling. Many parents like assisting in the ride until their little ones are ready to zip off on their own. Sure, they can be kind of like a glorified stroller, but they get parents from point A to point B with a happy kiddo .
I can`t think of a better birthday or Christmas gift for your active toddler than a cute Baby Tricycle!

Toddlers love them!
I remember when I was about 3 years old and got my first tricycle-
I felt so free! (Even though in the beginning I didn`t know how to use it- My father had to push me–.. But I still loved it!!)
I felt so important [driving” my own vehicle!
(In my mind I was `driving` something and not riding something-)
Once I knew how to use the pedals properly, my father would take me to a nearby park and I rode my tricycle like I owned the world!
Tricycles make great childhood memories as well!
I think they are almost like a rite of passage!
Right now it brought tears to my eyes-
Do you remember your first tricycle?


A child`s first tricycle will be one of her or his most important childhood memories!
It is kind of a rite of passage for a toddler to start riding his own tricycle—He understands he is no longer a baby and that he can start doing things on his own–. It is a very liberating feeling!
At around two years old, we start realizing we are individuals and separate from our parents and other people–..
What they call [the terrible twos” is actually your child understanding he is a person too! With his own needs and wants!
So when you choose your child`s first Baby Tricycle, it should be the cutest tricycle in the whole wide world!
Am I right?

Post time: Dec-15-2020